Kai Krafts
supporting artisans,
promoting North Karnataka crafts

about kaikrafts


Kai Krafts aims to improve the earning potential of artisans in North Karnataka and revive the arts native to this region through concentrated marketing efforts.


Kai Krafts, a project of the Bangalore based NGO, Initiatives for Development Foundation (idf) supports artisans and crafts pertaining to North Karnataka. Through concentrated marketing efforts, Kai Krafts strives to revive North Karnataka crafts and to improve the earning potential of the skilled artisans versed in these crafts.

Our name stems from the Kannada word for “hand” or “kai” and reflects our mission to promote handmade products from North Karnataka. As a project of the NGO, idf, we work closely with the artisans to fuse traditional crafts with products geared towards a contemporary market.

Initially, our project was supported by Give2Asia. This fund was released by Give2Asia through the Deshpande Foundation, who monitored the programme throughout the funded period of April, 2010 to March 31, 2011. IDF Federation was the implementing agent and has been supervising the entire project to date.

At Kai Krafts, we endeavor to provide customers with unique, handmade and ethical products. By linking artisan clusters with markets, Kai Krafts both ensures that the artisans are paid fair wages for their hard work and that these crafts endure.

Kai Krafts is currently marketing the products of artisans skilled in the highly technical and difficult embroidery form of Kasuti. Kasuti is comprised of the Kannada words “Kai” meaning hand and “Suti” meaning cotton thread thus translating to “handwork of cotton thread.” Like all folk arts, the designs of Kasuti are hidden in the mists of antiquity. Over 700 motifs comprise this art form that has been evolved and preserved by the women of Northern Karnataka.


M.S. KORIMATH – Chairperson, IDF SHG Federation
PRASANNA T SIRSALMATH – Livelihoods Coordinator
PRANESH DESAI – Production Manager
SHILPA M BALLUR – Marketing Executive


Mr. THINGALAYA – President, Governing Board
Mr. PRAKASH RAO – Chairman, Board of Trustees
Mr. V.N.SALIMATH – Managing Trustee
Mr. SHENOY – Executive Trustee
Mr. SHRIKANTH HEBBAL – Executive Trustee
Mr. G.M. DESHPANDE – Executive Trustee
Mr. N.M. PATIL – Executive Trustee
Mr. SUNDEEP PAI – Advisor Consultant